The Window

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This poem is how I start almost every morning. I wrote this one about a week ago. 

The alarm clock blares.

My eyes stare

at the ceiling,


the morning time.

I abusively fondle

the clock.

The alarm stops.



I bolt.

Slowly I turn,

glaring at the closed window blinds.


The day. Outside. Is it…

Sunny? I wonder.

Warm? Doubtful.

Chilly? Windy?

FREEZING? Most likely.


I slowly peek out

between the blinds,

too fearful to open them

ALL the way.


Snow? Nope.


My head tilts back

as I sigh in relief.


NOW the blinds can come open

All the way.

Start-of-Winter sun slips in;

A warm and golden light

Floods the room.



Mother Earth and I begin


The battle

That is

Every morning.




About AmbleDamsel

Truthfully, I’m writing this blog because I’m too much of a wimp to share my poems with most people I know. I’m hoping this blog will be a way to get honest feedback about them, without offending anyone. I generally prefer to write privately, and with pen and paper. There’s just something much more therapeutic & enjoyable about actually handwriting something–a better feeling than any lousy keyboard could ever give me! People who inspire me: John Lennon, Keri Smith, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Conor Oberst, Ethel Kennedy, Brooks Strause, Charles Bukowski, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, E.E. Cummings, Charles Dickens, Henry Darger, and Orly Avineri.