The first recent poem I’ve posted. I still can’t believe I’m sending this out into the world! I love it.


Rock foliation. Sixth grade.

“The only cleavage I know anything about is this!”

Says Mother, and tugs at the collar of her T-shirt.

Unhelpful with homework however humorous.

The Media says

Cleavage is sexy?

A walking Oedipus complex temptress.

Apocrine glands. Nothing More.

Uselessly used

As a barbaric rating system.

An entire restaurant chain

Dedicated to

Proudly displaying

That fatty tissue.

Producing salivating, slobbering “sirs”.

Willing women. Attention loving ladies.

Some more well-endowed than others.

Inadequate adolescents.

Foxy females feeling


Cleavage means to me…

A somber shadow

That happens to fall



At times.

Vanity/worth issues?




True beauty’s true value


With a little help from two

Flirty freckles

Amidst that somber shadow.

Joan Jett jams;

“I know what I am,

I am what I am.”


About AmbleDamsel

Truthfully, I’m writing this blog because I’m too much of a wimp to share my poems with most people I know. I’m hoping this blog will be a way to get honest feedback about them, without offending anyone. I generally prefer to write privately, and with pen and paper. There’s just something much more therapeutic & enjoyable about actually handwriting something–a better feeling than any lousy keyboard could ever give me! People who inspire me: John Lennon, Keri Smith, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Conor Oberst, Ethel Kennedy, Brooks Strause, Charles Bukowski, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, E.E. Cummings, Charles Dickens, Henry Darger, and Orly Avineri.

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  1. Love the transition from the geology reference to the discussion of how complex a seemingly simple world can be within our society.